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  • Protecting Public Health and the Environment

COVID 19 Information

ABC Testing Sites​

Some testing sites will begin opening as soon as the state allows, which could be as soon as May 16th. Please check the following list (LI​NK HERE​) for locations and projected opening dates (Once you select USA, they are in order by City-not State). Please be advised these dates could change! 

Once the sites open they will be implementing some safety precautions. See the attached document from PSI for complete list of what will be expected at testing sites. 


With training classes being postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, we understand the concern to still achieve your renewal training credits. NYWEA has a link on our website for distance learning options that you can complete without attending any in-person training. The link for both pre-approved courses and distance learning appears below. Be sure to check out these options. Distance learning is a viable option during this period of social distancing. 


Application Fees



RTC Approval