Niagara Falls: from honeymoon to Love Canal and back by RR Roll

Wasteland to parkland: the Cherry Farm/River Road Remediation by JG Goeddertz, JH Kyles, MS Raybuck

Niagara River toxics 2000 by Niagara River Secretariate

Involving youth in water quality issues by J Spisiak

Remedial action plans in Lake Ontario Basin

Coarse monomedia filtration: a solution to wet weather flow by BT Smith and KM Miller

Water resources management history project by RD Hennigan

Managing Mercury in Erie County by MC Rossi

People and places

President's message by AJ Zabinski

Executive director's report by P Cerro-Reehil

WEF news

Fall 2000 — Vol. 30, No. 3


This issue:

Western New York's current water quality is a product of the last two and a half centuries of its history. The region's natural resources, starting with power from water, built wealth and built industry. Nineteenth Century canals brought accessibility. The power and the access fostered manufacturing. Ignorance, at the time, of the effects of toxic chemicals brought near environmental disaster.

Today, the people of Western New York struggle to rebuild their environment and their industry. Having learned from past mistakes, they know that the economy will not thrive without sound environmental management.

This issue of CLEARWATERS informs you about successes and continuing efforts to improve water quality in Western New York. The past has been instructive, and the future is brightening.



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