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People and places

President's message by AJ Zabinski

Executive director's report by P Cerro-Reehil

WEF news

Fall 2000 — Vol. 30, No. 3


Executive director's report

by Patricia Cerro-Reehil

As we approach the Fall season, the start of the school year and the brightly colored fall foliage remind us that change is a natural and productive part of life. In the world of Association management, responding to change is continuous.

Our capacity to change is illustrated one way, in the transition to email from faxes and regular mail. We have had a tremendous response from the membership when we asked for email addresses. This is obviously a preferred means of communication for many. If you haven't sent in your email address, it's never too late, just drop us an electronic line.

Member opportunities

We have several exciting events happening this Fall, including the activities carried out by our various committees. The Public Education Committee is working on an expanded outreach program to teachers that will take place at the 73rd Annual Meeting. The program is modeled after the WEFTeach Program and will be termed WEATeach. Interfacing with science teachers is an important function of the Public Education Committee.

This is a busy time of year for the Awards Committee as well. They are looking for deserving candidates for the many awards NYWEA coordinates. Check with the Executive Office; maybe it's not too late to nominate the individual or municipality you know deserving recognition.

The work of the volunteer leaders continues to inspire staff. President Elect Dave Ellis and Vice President John Cameron are coordinating a Chapter Retreat in September where all seven chapters will exchange programs, ideas, and useful information. The results of the Chapter Retreat will be shared with the membership in the late Fall. President Adam Zabinski and staff are working on publishing an Annual Report for the membership, which will become available in the next few months. The Annual Report will become a powerful tool to keep the members' hand on the pulse of the Association. NYWEA finances and programs of committees and chapters will be the primary focus of the document.

The Scholarship committee has made great progress on the fund drive, but additional support is needed for the program to be a success. We are well on our way to the goal of $300,000. No gift is too small.

Have you visited the NYWEA website lately? If you haven't here's what you'll find: An up-to-date calendar of events, links to chapter websites, CLEARWATERS magazine, information on the scholarship program, and the well established awards program. Please let us know you've visited the site with your comments and input via email.

The Government Affairs Committee has set a date for the 2001 Legislative Forum, which will once again be held in the State Legislative Office Building during Water Week on Tuesday, May 8, 2001. You may have noticed that the Wastewater Collection Systems committee has coordinated a training school for collection systems personnel that will be held in two locations, Syracuse and North River. It is hoped this will become an annual event.

On November 2nd the Residuals & Biosolids Committee will be hosting a one-day specialty conference in Syracuse. This is the first time an entire day has been devoted to residuals management. This is a timely and very pertinent issue for many of our members who must deal with biosolids recycling.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming meetings! Remember, we are always looking for your input, creativity, and participation. Accelerate change in your life (there's no better time for it). Let NYWEA help you get to your personal career goal. Use the Directory as a resource. Expand your capacity, chair a committee, write an article for CLEARWATERS, attend meetings and network with other environmental professionals. This is your Association - Get Involved!


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