Oneida Lake: ever-changing ecosystem

Managing water resources in Oneida Lake, WM Kappel

Oneida Lake watershed: A valuable diverse ecosystem, SM Harrington

Water level management, HM Goebel

Oneida Lake: undergoing ecological change, EL Mills, KT Holeck

Evolution of the Oneida Lake fishery, T VanDeValk, L Rudstam

Regional partnerships for Oneida Lake watershed, AB Saltman

Helping to protect Oneida Lake, J Henke

Trends: technology and management of municipal wastewater, D Interdonato, E McCarthy

Outstanding young researchers

President's message, D. Ellis

Executive director's message, P Cerro-Reehil

People and places

Joint CSO/SSO meeting


  Winter 2001 — Vol. 31, No. 4

Oneida Lake: ever-changing ecosystem

Bob Bellandi

Oneida Lake is a marvelous freshwater resource. Its fame and value extend far beyond its Central New York location. The fishery of Oneida Lake is legendary and historic. But, as articles in this issue demonstrate, that fishery has not been static—since the 19th Century if not longer. Exotic species have been invading the ecosystem at least since the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the late 1950s.

The Lake is also an integral part of the New York State Barge Canal, and some readers of CLEARWATERS may be surprised to learn how its water level can be regulated for canal functions.

The social and economic environment of the Lake is ever-changing, too. Waves of successively farther-ranging suburban development have led to increases in permanent residences on the lake shore.

All of these trends and forces make for clashing interests among conservationists, environmentalists, fishermen, and residents (seasonal vs. permanent, old-timers vs. new arrivals). The changes to Oneida Lake will apparently stop no time soon.


CLEARWATERS appreciates the efforts of Anne B. Saltman of the Central NY Regional Planning and Development Board for her help in coordinating this issue.

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