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  • Protecting Public Health and the Environment


Networking Opportunities

NYWEA activities allow members to establish contacts within their communities, and ask for counsel and advice on work situations in the water environment field. Attending Association functions can provide members with career opportunities.

You'll benefit personally and professionally by joining the NYWEA:
  • By keeping current on technical developments
  • By keeping current on regulatory developments
  • By networking with like professionals
  • Gain Sales and Marketing Contacts by advertising, exhibiting and one-on-one contacts
  • Enhance relationships with regulatory agencies, and their personnel
  • Create opportunities to make a contribution to more effective water environment activities
  • Take advantage of opportunities for publication in WEF/NYWEA magazines and journals
  • Learn and practice leadership by becoming an officer, serve on state and local boards, committees, etc.
  • Opportunities to present papers at chapter and statewide meetings.
  • Social interaction with all environmental professionals involved
  • Opportunities for continuing and advanced education (operator recertification)
  • Support by people engaged in like activities
  • Gain professional recognition and personal development


The goals of the NYWEA are:
  • To support effective water quality management programs at the national, state and local levels.
  • To promote public knowledge of the technical, economic, social and organizational issues of water quality management.
  • To provide educational and career opportunities for water quality professionals through conferences, workshops and publications.
  • To advance scientific knowledge of water quality management through encouragement and support of research and special studies.
  • To promote the proper design, operation and maintenance of wastewater collection and treatment facilities through personnel development, technical research, case studies, networking and mutual assistance.
  • To promote the recognition and support of municipal officials for proper facility operation and maintenance.
  • To provide information on laws and regulations affecting the water environment to local elected officials, legislative bodies and our membership.

Our Members

Members include civil, design and environmental engineers; biologists, chemists, local and state government officials, treatment plant managers and operators, laboratory technicians, students, professors, lawyers, environmental scientists, equipment manufacturers and distributors.