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  • Protecting Public Health and the Environment

You'll benefit personally and professionally by joining the NYWEA:
  • By keeping current on technical developments
  • By keeping current on regulatory developments
  • By networking with like professionals
  • Gain Sales and Marketing Contacts by advertising, exhibiting and one-on-one contacts
  • Enhance relationships with regulatory agencies, and their personnel
  • Create opportunities to make a contribution to more effective water environment activities
  • Take advantage of opportunities for publication in WEF/NYWEA magazines and journals
  • Learn and practice leadership by becoming an officer, serve on state and local boards, committees, etc.
  • Opportunities to present papers at chapter and statewide meetings.
  • Social interaction with all environmental professionals involved
  • Opportunities for continuing and advanced education (operator recertification)
  • Support by people engaged in like activities
  • Gain professional recognition and personal development


The goals of the NYWEA are:
  • To support effective water quality management programs at the national, state and local levels.
  • To promote public knowledge of the technical, economic, social and organizational issues of water quality management.
  • To provide educational and career opportunities for water quality professionals through conferences, workshops and publications.
  • To advance scientific knowledge of water quality management through encouragement and support of research and special studies.
  • To promote the proper design, operation and maintenance of wastewater collection and treatment facilities through personnel development, technical research, case studies, networking and mutual assistance.
  • To promote the recognition and support of municipal officials for proper facility operation and maintenance.
  • To provide information on laws and regulations affecting the water environment to local elected officials, legislative bodies and our membership.

Our Members

Members include civil, design and environmental engineers; biologists, chemists, local and state government officials, treatment plant managers and operators, laboratory technicians, students, professors, lawyers, environmental scientists, equipment manufacturers and distributors.